don't neglect your financial reserve

Have you been successful in gathering your three-month supply and a water supply? You might feel tempted to move onto longer-term storage and skip storing a financial reserve. If so, please reconsider and don't ignore the importance of a financial reserve as part of your home storage.

I wrote a previous post on this topic, which contains quotes that indicate that your water supply, three-month supply and financial reserve should be the first priority for home storage. Here is one of those quotes:

"Where do I start? -- Start by adding a few storable items that you typically eat, storing some water that is safe to drink, and saving some money, if only a few coins each week. Then over time, expand these initial efforts—as individual circumstances allow and where permitted—by storing a longer-term supply of basics such as grains, beans, and other staples."

We will start setting longer-term storage goals soon enough. Given the world's economic situation right now, it makes sense in so many ways to make storing money as much of a priority as storing food.

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