the peace of preparedness

I've been carefully watching the flu outbreak in Mexico that is the main headline for every news source I checked this morning.

My husband and I had a brief conversation as we discussed the possible implications of this outbreak for our family. I asked if there was anything that he wished we had in our storage for a situation like this. We both paused for about 20 seconds and considered our storage. We both listed a few things: a few more general medications, some dishwasher soap (which we thought we had run out of last night), and some diced chilies/tomatoes (also running low). There was a lot of peace as we both realized that we were already prepared. Of course, I'm sure we haven't anticipated every need, but we've already covered most of them.

I'm not sure that preparedness is about one single event. I think it is mostly about being prepared for many challenges that may face us like quarantines, natural disasters, or more simple things like job loss, disability or decrease of income. With a water supply, financial reserve, three-month supply and longer-term supply, we really are prepared for a myriad of problems - including a flu outbreak.

There are a few things that you might want to consider adding to your storage right now that would help with a pandemic situation. You might already have most of these things as part of a complete first aid kit.

*A current supply of your own prescription drugs
*Cough and cold medications
*Fluid electrolyte solutions
*Gloves and masks

There is a scripture in D&C 38:30 that states, "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear." I'm not experiencing fear right now because we are prepared. What a wonderful blessing that comes along with preparedness! If you aren't feeling that peace, you can reevaluate your own preparedness and set some firm goals so that your family can have that peace.
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