Preparedness Sales (January 2010 - Intermountain West)

For those of you with a Maceys close by, they are having a "case lot sale" this week. Smiths also has a few items listed as a case lot sale. These sales are good opportunities to stock up on both your three-month supply and longer-term supply.

Some well-priced items that I noticed:

*Powdered Milk: #10 Country Cream (white or chocolate) - $8.88 (This is the best price I've seen for a very long time - stock up if you like this brand!)
*Sugar: 25 lb bag, Western Family - $9.68 (This is an okay price, but is good given that sugar prices are on the rise)
*Sugar, powdered and brown: 2 lb bags, Western Family - $.98 (I sometimes see this price drop to $.89)
*Beans: 15 oz. cans, Western Family - $.48
*Eggs, powdered: #10 Morning Moo - $14.78

Both the flour and white rice are cheaper at Costco right now.

Here are two past posts to help in price comparisons:
The Price of Grains and Home Storage Best Prices

Did you find any great deals?
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