maceys emergency preparedness sale

For Utah readers of this blog, you might be interested to know that Maceys is having their Emergency Preparedness Sale right now until August 26.

Here are some of their prices:
5 gallon plastic buckets - $3.99
5 gallon plastic water container - $3.99
55 gallon plastic water container - $39.99 ($34 is the cheapest I've ever seen these at)
24 pk water (half liter bottles) - $2.79
20 lb. bag of rice - $10.99 (25 lbs of rice at Costco for $12)
25 lb. sugar - $8.88
45 lb. bucket hard red/white wheat - $21.99 (this is just an okay price for wheat)
16 oz. saf-instant yeast - $1.99
Gamma Lids - $5.99 (were at Wal-Mart for $4.75 earlier this summer)

I've heard some comments that the butter powder (44 oz. for $16.99) and the whole eggs (36 oz. for $18.99) are good prices. They have beans in buckets, but the beans are almost $10 cheaper if purchased in bulk from the cannery and then transferred into buckets (no special treatments needed).

The Maceys circular is available online now at
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