water storage summary

How is your water storage coming?
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Here is a summary of the water storage goals:

1) Determine which storage containers and storage locations you will use.

2) Begin purchasing or collecting those containers.

3) Fill your containers with water.

Purchase new water containers or save and clean pop bottles. Plan to store enough water for a minimum of 28 gallons per person. Don't store your water directly on cement or in the light. Most people can simply fill their containers with water from the *tap.

*Click on "Water" in the Table of Contents to find additional requirements if your water is not already chlorinated.

Not finished? That's okay. Really, even for those with a good water storage, it is a continual effort. Keep collecting and buying containers. Even a little bit of water storage is a good start. When you're ready to move onto a new goal, just click the Goals link under "Table of Contents" to the right. All of the goals will be posted there.
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